Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

IMG_1808Back home to Jen, Will, Forest, Asa and Jen and Will’s friends Stu and Debbie, visiting from N.Z., all staying over, and Drea and Jockel (oh so shortly)…Drea, Stu and Debbie hung out in the tower, with binoculars, watching Jockel and his friend surf . They were surfing below the headland you can see from our home, off the Trans Canada Trail. Pretty cool feature, now that we have a surfer dude in the family.IMG_1806Even my zoom lens couldn’t get a close up, but you get the idea. A little better with binoculars..but not bad for doing this viewing from the comfort of home. Speaking of home, it’s always nice to be home, though we miss those we’ve left. As usual, I wish to be able to have everyone I love, close at hand. Our trip took a few weeks and covered so many visits with so much family and  friends  whom we hold dear. Then here at home were more! There is not a finite amount of souls you can love. You can expand your love to embrace more souls, yet still love those you had already loved, with the same intensity as before. Amazing, really. A lovely miracle.

2 responses to “Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

  1. Nicole Myles Brook

    Very cool feature to have in a home, up to the observation tower !! I heard Jockel has had some VERY early mornings greeting the NS surf. Now that is dedication.

    Also love your take on love, I have always known its multiplicity. We are all so blessed.


  2. eastcoastbabs

    I loved that word…multiplicity. That sums it up perfectly. Thank you.


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