Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

IMG_1809We brought back clippers for dog grooming, so that Jen can become our new groomer. She taking advantage of being here for a few days, just doing part of the job on Daisy today, more to come tomorrow, for the “after” photo. Debbie helped out too. It’s a big learning curve at first, so having a Vet nearby when you’re handling scissors and clippers is reassuring.  I liked Jen’s approach though. Just read about it, and then DO IT.

IMG_1811And Jen is also doing “dog behaviour therapy”…especially using the methods of Jan Fennell. I’ve added this cover photo as during our travels, dogs were an item. In Florida in March, there was Sophie. In Pennsylvania there was Potter, in Courtice there was Quincy, in Toronto there was Lily, and also dog acquisition conversation, regarding getting two dogs!, and in L.A. there was Ivy. Here there is Daisy, and Kaia with us too right now. So many of us have dogs, and this is a really worthwhile book to read. There..I’ve done my first product placement photo! when’s my cheque coming in the mail?

3 responses to “Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

  1. elsie

    Sounds like a good book Barb


  2. elsie

    I also bought a clipper and plan to groom Obi after he has had a few groomings by professionals. Just do it eh? I have a grooming table and he is getting used to being brushed there. Today I cleaned his ears on the table. It’s getting to be a good spot and a place he gets treats and lots of praise. It feels like the right thing to do.


    • eastcoastbabs

      you have a sweet LITTLE dog…you’ll be fine, and Jen can stand by you some weekend when she’s at our house. She’s shaved Daisy right down to get a “fresh” start…it’s a learning curve, right?


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