Thursday, May 16th, 2013

IMG_1813Forest has been ill for the last few days, but he’s had his lovely “extra grandma” to cuddle him. Debbie, and her husband Stu, visiting Jen and Will from N.Z., acted as extra grandparents to the boys, and extra parents to Jen and Will, in N.Z.. They were so sad when the family left but kept up on Skype and then came to visit!!!  Forest has such a bond with them, and by the time I returned from this past trip, he was calling me “Debbie”, not Bubie, and Asa was calling Debbie “Bubie”, and only interested in her!  It was why we care for Debbie and Stu so much…we knew that Jen and family were being so loved in N.Z.. Every young couple without family in the city they live in, need a Debbie and Stu. We can love others as though they were family, and then they become family. The New Zealander’s left tonight, and I’ll be the Bubie again, but I’m so glad they came.

2 responses to “Thursday, May 16th, 2013

  1. Debbie Hay

    We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to NS, reconnecting with our “pretend grandchildren” , their parents and their very real grandparents. Thanks to you for sharing your family and your home with us!


    • eastcoastbabs

      there is nothing “pretend” about loving. You could say “adoptive grandparents” or “step grandparents”..or grandparents through love. It was great to have you here, and especially to enjoy how much you love the young family. Hope your trip has gone well.


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