Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

IMG_1928So, I was sitting outside having a coffee , early, on this lovely day..and heard a loud sound above my head. I imagined a huge bee, and since I couldn’t spot it, thought it might have flown into the house, but I discovered that a humming bird was the source of that sound! I opened more doors and windows, but it kept going to the transoms, which don’t open.IMG_1931When I left the room to get help from “my man”, and returned, the bird had flown our coop.

IMG_1933We decided we should encourage the humming bird to use a feeder, to keep it from trying to get to our brightly coloured indoor geraniums, and also thought that screen doors would be good….an idea that I love, so the humming birds adventure created a positive outcome. Have to love serendipity.

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