July 16th, 2013


It’s official now..Drea is due in 2 weeks, and 2 weeks either side of the due date is all considered “due”…so, Drea is due. I won’t tell her that, as I don’t want to be that type of mother who’s asking every day “how do you feel?”…but I might be thinking it.


The “summer folk” are gathering. The Schraners are once more on the Court. Their house will have lights! action! It makes our neighbourhood feel like a tourist spot, where the population swells during high season. Actually…it is a tourist spot. So far we have the Americans and the Swiss here for their holidays, and soon we’ll have still more visitors to the ‘hood. I love the expansion, but it can feel lonely when the season ends. But I’ve read the books. I’ll enjoy the present.

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