Friday, July 19th, 2013

IMG_2467Slowly getting ready for Tish and her 3 youngest to arrive on Sunday p.m.. My studio is bed-less normally, but I put a mattress down for Maya, and then needed sheets, a bedspread. I decided to “break out” my “nursing-home trousseau” single bed quilt and pillowcase.I made this a few years back, out of lovely, but not for us, curtains from our last home in Ontario, (where I first started the endeavour), and other assorted fabrics in clearly a turquoise phase of mine. I thought I’d save it for that future single room, if that was what was in store for me one day. Today, I thought, this is like saving the silver ware and good china,  rarely getting any use out of them. So..I cracked out the quilt. Released it from it’s plastic enclosure. Maya is certain to make it feel forever devoid of any association with a nursing home!  and that’s probably a very good thing.

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