IMG_3455Noah’s first bonfire! in the Moby Wrap on Jockel,  with his mum Drea next to him. We all loved sharing this first with him!

Friday, August 30th, 2013


I took this photo off Will’s website, which Jen set up. A talented  couple. And I’m so proud and excited about Will’s work. Check out his site at:

so…you have to work for the blog photos tonight. or, put another way, Jen and Will did my work for me tonight….


Thursday, August 29th, 2013

IMG_3442There is definitely a fall feeling in the air. The trees are reddening, the nights come sooner, it’s chillier, but it’s the gusts of wind that really makes you notice. Reminds us that it’s hurricane season!

Image 5

Looking at this map, it seems that nothing is amiss at the moment…but we know how those darn hurricanes can pop up, and it leaves you feeling anxious to be out of town during this “season”. Thankfully we have great neighbours. Perhaps it’s the weather in N.S. that makes people so friendly. You really need to rely on one another more. Whatever the cause, the friendliness still impresses us after 10 years here!

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

IMG_3430For today’s blog we’re playing “Where Waldo?”…the kids’ game where you have to find Waldo in the chaos of his surroundings. This first one is easy. “Where’s Frank?”….Frank joined my hiking group today to do Prospect Bay, naturally in the fog.

IMG_3431“Where’s the Polar Bear?” no hints this time.

IMG_3432“Where’s ‘Bandit’?”  Well, this one is too easy. If you can do this hike, you should.

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

IMG_3418The longer we live here, the more time it takes me to walk around the neighbourhood with Daisy, at least in this season, when people are out  on their property, and conversations start up. Here Rod and Mary Ann smile as I leave them, having already twisted my arm as they saw me walking by, and made me share a glass of wine with them on their deck. And who wouldn’t want to do that?

Monday, August 26th, 2013

IMG_3415A picnic at Grand Desert Beach, with Alvaro watching all the mobile kids…

IMG_3416while the immobile women and babe enjoyed the feast. Sounds fine, was fine.

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

IMG_3382We went berry picking near our home. Anna shielded herself from the sun, Jen watched over Forest. I love the “feel” of this photo, as though it’s a photo shoot. The city girl (Toronto) visiting the village girl (Wolfville). Meanwhile the truth is in between.

IMG_3394We found some Chanterelle mushrooms and offered one to Richard. Richard offered it to Anna’s beau, Alvaro,to dry and take back to Toronto, then cook up there with scrambles eggs. Frank and Forest ponder this idea. (it isn’t vegan)..In behind, Jockel, Drea and Noah create the feeling of a coastline much closer to Florida than ours!

IMG_3402Next stop, “family dinner” with the Young sisters and their families. Here the beautiful Amy basks in the sunlight in the boat house. I deeply connected with her ensemble. She was like a living quilt. ohhhh

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

IMG_3357Forest and I were in a forest of vegetables! at Alice and Elsie’s garden…wonderful pickings..we had grilled veggies for dinner. Thanks..

IMG_3363Asa was so “into” Noah, it was really adorable! Wonderful for the cousins to meet one another.

IMG_3365Anna arrived from Toronto with her beau…both Drea and Anna were able to meet their respective men, and Anna met Noah too. Noah was clearly “into” Anna.  These two young women met when they were both 5, when Judy and I first met..well, we met through our daughters. A special moment, this one, today.

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

IMG_3353Scrabble at our home..Frank was “invited” as we were missing 2 of our he took this photo. As is so often in a big group, it was someone’s b.d., Leslie’s. We all like cake though, so we don’t mind..bring on more b.d.s…. I didn’t win any games today, but the company was excellent. We also survey my gardens. It was great to have some elite gardeners looking over them over, and taking cuttings. Like everything else, only another person who has your interest, makes you feel truly appreciated in that area. Someone else saying your garden, or art, or quilts, are good, without their own personal involvement in that area, is lovely to hear, but you think they can’t really “judge”. When you get the “acknowledgement” from a peer in that area, you feel it comes from more “knowledge”…and therefore feels like a bigger deal. In a way, this being so is perhaps too bad. It should all be a big deal. Note to self…work on this.

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

IMG_3350It’s been a busy spring and summer which has meant that I’m still working away at this quilt for Melissa.  After finishing up the back, I had a lot of floor work to do. Richard was a big help when I started squaring up the two pieces. Little did he know that he’d be doing fancy foot work at the Hall today! His feet made good anchors for my corners.