Friday, August 23rd, 2013

IMG_3353Scrabble at our home..Frank was “invited” as we were missing 2 of our he took this photo. As is so often in a big group, it was someone’s b.d., Leslie’s. We all like cake though, so we don’t mind..bring on more b.d.s…. I didn’t win any games today, but the company was excellent. We also survey my gardens. It was great to have some elite gardeners looking over them over, and taking cuttings. Like everything else, only another person who has your interest, makes you feel truly appreciated in that area. Someone else saying your garden, or art, or quilts, are good, without their own personal involvement in that area, is lovely to hear, but you think they can’t really “judge”. When you get the “acknowledgement” from a peer in that area, you feel it comes from more “knowledge”…and therefore feels like a bigger deal. In a way, this being so is perhaps too bad. It should all be a big deal. Note to self…work on this.

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