Monday, December 30th, 2013

IMG_5645Preparing for a neighbourhood New Year’s Eve party, while still dealing with the load of laundry after the Christmas gang drove away. It seemed a classic multitasking situation. Or would that be procrastination?

IMG_5648Evening, and still preparing…I love this part though, especially when I’m just the seated advisor.

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

IMG_5625The sky was all one colour this morning…sort of eerie but lovely. What does “yellow sky in the morning…” mean..let’s see: “Yellow sky in the morning, surfers heed warning”…don’t know, but it did look so buttery, like an oil painting.

IMG_5627Same colours, different setting. Here Val is pulling bottles out of her liquor cabinet to satiate her guests (or is that …lubricate?)  She seemed much too comfortable down there..

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

IMG_5619Took Daisy onto the trail..I almost, and I repeat, almost, felt as though Daisy needed a companion dog, as she is so often with Kaia and must miss her buddy. We’ll just have to do though.

IMG_5623Now that everyone is gone, we just have to play with each other.

Friday, December 27th, 2013

ImageThis sweet family left today, not walking away like this…(just loved the photo) but by automobile..

IMG_5516This sweet family also left today..eventually back to Toronto. So happy to have them here for a chunk of time. As always, wish we all lived close to one another. As always, so delighted that Ryan and Tori make the effort to get here for visits, this time in such horrid weather.

IMG_5613These two, their parents and Kaia, also left today. The house is SO quiet. Now I can feel exhausted. Worth it. I think everyone here became sleep deprived. Blame the game “Sequence”…and the waking children. Again, worth it.

Thursday, December 26th, 2013


IMG_5602Our beautiful art piece from Will…our house too..

Image 1Sunset’s happened…goodnight all.

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

IMG_5522Tori and Ryan in new Christmas hats. An amazing treat to have them here for Christmas.

IMG_5541After all the business of Christmas morning, Jen and Will took time out with the dogs to regroup. First Daisy and Kaia needed to figure out who goes where.

IMG_5545Drea took Noah for his first sleigh ride. What an amazing day for it! Beautiful snow, bright sun, that clear winter blue sky. Noah slept while out, so I guess that means the sleigh’s a hit.

IMG_5552You might not see him, but believe me, Jockel was out surfing and could be seen from the tower, even though just as a speck! He’s been surfing a lot so not too shabby for hanging out with the noisy crew here for days on end. Like walking dogs, surfing gives you a reason to get outside, join nature, escape…regroup, return exhausted in body but restful in mind.

IMG_5565After Christmas dinner, and all good grandchildren asleep, Frank and Richard tried to connect musically, to mixed suggest but much fun.

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

IMG_5367This is what it’s about…siblings together, cousins together, families together. The newly two year old with the almost 5 month old…sweet stuff.

IMG_5385The kitchen crew…well, part of us. Drea and Jen and Jockel were on the afternoon crew…fun and stressful…makes for the complete feeling of Christmas…

IMG_5404It’s a white Christmas! Lily loved it..just wanted to play outside all day, all night. She loved the space, the freedom.

IMG_5415The view from without to within…cleaning up, again. Worth it Santa can find his way to the tree tonight.

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

IMG_5256Asa turned 2 today! Drea played the birthday song backup.

IMG_5259A cat cake…Forest had a dog cake last January, so sticking to a theme. This year Asa didn’t grab the candle by the flame!


Forest had the idea to make a Pinata for the birthday boy. He knew what to do from a t.v. show…Makes me think I need to improve upon what I watch, so I can learn new things too! Ryan and Tori’s dog Lily watched the reveal, hoping something would come her way.

IMG_5347Noah woke up after the excitement, but didn’t seem to mind..He knows how to have his own fun.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

IMG_5199Asa assumes he “owns” when I was holding Noah he wanted to be held too. He was so sweet to Noah, wanting to “pat” him and “hug” him. Noah though was searching for an exit strategy.

IMG_5211Forest “owned” the den. He and Lego are inseparable! especially the “techno” lego. How quickly children find their passion.

IMG_5218Good guy Will managed to get the dogs out for a walk… We kept fretting all day about Ryan and Tori driving in freezing rain from N.B. to here…rotten weather for man and beast.

IMG_5221But look who arrived exhausted but SAFE..finally we are all together who are getting together in this household. Can’t believe the weather they drove through! for 10 hrs. of it too..Puts everything into focus.


Saturday, December 21, 2013


IMG_5163Jockel’s doing prep for tomorrow’s meal, after he and Will did the clean up after tonight’s meal, which Frank and Will put together. Thank goodness for these men!

IMG_5193That left us time to play a game once the three boys, baby Noah, Asa and Forest, were asleep. Lots of male energy around, but we women had Daisy and Kaia on our side of the equation. It feels like Christmas now!