Friday, March 14th, 2014


I think most beach side places world wide would be similar to this scene. Rex, Ria and Frank stroll along before we all sit for a daily cafe hit. Nice to have fellow strollers, imparting 14 years of knowledge about our environs.


Holland is so close to here, and our area has many many Dutch staying for the winter. Ria of course knows most of them. Today she lured Frank into a game of Boules with some. Only Dutch was spoken. Such fun for my Dutchman.


The Boule club is named The Pigeon Club because it is by the pigeon coops, from wench this amazing sight of pigeons doing fly bys, occurs. In one sweep across the sky they show dark, the return sweep light, as the sun catches them. They do this for some time, then return to the coops. I am hooked on the sight of it.


Ria did what you do after a good game, never mind the pigeons!

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