Wednesday, March 19th, 2014


Where’s “Waldo’s” mate? I’m there somewhere, eating lunch outdoors, but avoiding the sun, in Tavira. This was our treat after going into the city for Frank’s turn with a sweat, bronchitis which antibiotics will help. Now, to get well. Here it’s called..The Algarve Cough, and all the tourists get it. The sun and dry air. Once you’ve beat it, you may as well stay longer. Everyone we meet is here for weeks if not months…cheap, more authentically Portuguese, not commercial, and not a big bar or surf scene so the demographics represent that, and safe. Any takers for next year?


This dog was so cute. He was looking down at someone who had just walked out of the building.


We walked back to our place. Ria would be proud of us, but she and Rex are gone now, sadly. We continue to be awed by Aspects of salt production we witness on this walk.


Getting smarter. Wearing a back pack now, and a hat courtesy of Ria, and keep water handy. Perhaps this vacation is an educational trip?

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