Thursday, March 20th, 2014


A quiet day. Frank rested, and I took myself for a long walk, having small and large thoughts as I wandered about with my buddy, my camera, but thinking about our buddy Daisy who was not faring well back home. This is how families who live far apart want to be there but you are here. Hopefully, Daisy will recover by tomorrow. So camera and flowers.
These grow in the boggy lagoon area. They are like a sand asparagus plant.


A Banana tree blossom..bananas in the future.


And you tell me! A couple from England, walking past, thought it might be a “bread fruit” tree. They had seen that in Africa. I’ll try to look this one up. Good ole nature for when you’re having heavy thoughts.

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014


Where’s “Waldo’s” mate? I’m there somewhere, eating lunch outdoors, but avoiding the sun, in Tavira. This was our treat after going into the city for Frank’s turn with a sweat, bronchitis which antibiotics will help. Now, to get well. Here it’s called..The Algarve Cough, and all the tourists get it. The sun and dry air. Once you’ve beat it, you may as well stay longer. Everyone we meet is here for weeks if not months…cheap, more authentically Portuguese, not commercial, and not a big bar or surf scene so the demographics represent that, and safe. Any takers for next year?


This dog was so cute. He was looking down at someone who had just walked out of the building.


We walked back to our place. Ria would be proud of us, but she and Rex are gone now, sadly. We continue to be awed by Aspects of salt production we witness on this walk.


Getting smarter. Wearing a back pack now, and a hat courtesy of Ria, and keep water handy. Perhaps this vacation is an educational trip?

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Trouble with the internet today so no “photo of the day”. It was a quiet day, some walking and talking but Frank is next to go to the doctor’s tomorrow, so we were laying low. Love that we have time to recover and have some day trips still. The weather is lovely, which, sick or not, goes really far. In fact, I’m wearing a hat and 50 strength sunscreen…The sweet children in day care here all wear light weight matching jackets and hats , like rain outfits, so cute, to ward off the sun during their outdoor play. Maybe I’ll need to find something like that for me. Not sure I’d look as cute.

Monday, March 17th, 2014


Met two new Nova Scotian couples, but the one is leaving in another day. They are from the valley, Brenda and Tony. Here they are showing us the view from their building. With both couples the topic was which is the best place to stay in. The place with the best interior, by the boulevard, overlooking the sea, doesn’t have an outdoor or indoor pool. As I did a 30 minute non stop swim today indoors (definitely feeling better) that extra seemed important, but it’s really like the rest of life. You don’t easily find everything you crave in one package. You have to make choices, and not want the other parts you can’t have. Or want them but get over it. These are always my sticky issues. Aging is helping slightly, and with age comes more gratitude for just getting this far…


Another view from the couple’s deck.


Sharing a bottle of Portuguese wine with Ria And Rex, as they are quickly departing too. Good day.

Sunday, March 16th, 2014


Having a sick day..finally went to a know when you’re defeated. Hopefully I’ll be better soon and Frank too, who so far is resisting help. So today’s photo is a store window’s display of lovely fabrics. A hit of colour for better health. Not what the dr. ordered, but it helps too.

Saturday, March 15th, 2014


Went by train with Ria and Rex to the town of Olhao on the coast, to experience a energetic outside Saturday market. From the photo you can see that the market is good for people watching as well.


Such as this woman, with her pet parrot..


I could call this entry. “Going to the birds” nesting on the roof of a church, a mother stork and her chick. I love seeing these birds, discovering them suddenly on high buildings, towers, where your eyes don’t commonly go.

Friday, March 14th, 2014


I think most beach side places world wide would be similar to this scene. Rex, Ria and Frank stroll along before we all sit for a daily cafe hit. Nice to have fellow strollers, imparting 14 years of knowledge about our environs.


Holland is so close to here, and our area has many many Dutch staying for the winter. Ria of course knows most of them. Today she lured Frank into a game of Boules with some. Only Dutch was spoken. Such fun for my Dutchman.


The Boule club is named The Pigeon Club because it is by the pigeon coops, from wench this amazing sight of pigeons doing fly bys, occurs. In one sweep across the sky they show dark, the return sweep light, as the sun catches them. They do this for some time, then return to the coops. I am hooked on the sight of it.


Ria did what you do after a good game, never mind the pigeons!

Thursday, March 13th, 2014


This actually means “Goat Road”. We use these goat trails to get to the nearby towns and cities faster than using main roads. Have to love the name though.


I love the old against the new. Really I love the old as it has the colour, but I understand progress too. Frank’s popping into the bank, I’m sitting on the walkway above the road, bordering the sea that I called a river on our first day here. My apologies to the sea!


And just because I love this photo..

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


“Where’s Waldo ?” Frank is camouflaged amongst the fishermen just in with their catch, at Monte Gordo. It was from there, after two buses to get to it, that Ria, our trusty guide, led Katharine, Frank and me on a 20 kilometre!! hike along the shore, up cliffs, down lagoons, across streams, into the ocean and more, for 8 hours..about 6 of which were spent walking .


A real sense of the Moorish influence can be seen along the coast .


And we trusted this lady!


“You had to be there”..really a fantastic hike. Now to collapse, until the dawn.

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014


Frank this a.m. Trying to make sense of the Internet in our room. Love the colours, of course. And sort of love that the internet won’t work well in our room so we need to use the main lobby. This actually means we can’t waste any of our time here watching series or movies. Works out then, you see.


Besides walking! a lot of that happening..we took a boat to the beach, and later swam in the indoor pool. Now a bus into the local city. We’ll soon need a holiday from our holiday, to quote Ria.