Monday, March 31st, 2014


We tried to head into Tavira on the bus, even though the skies looked ominous. But, we didn’t know that the time had changed here the night before! Caught. We’d have to wait an hour, and , you guessed it, it was pouring by then. Back to our room.


This was our view from our bachelor pad. Can’t really capture the thunder and lightening. I know it’s all relative, this weather, it’s just that we don’t have t.v., have read a lot of books, we were at the last of our food ( I saved some of the noodles with pesto we had for dinner to have for breakfast on Tuesday.). We tried to walk to our market, too much rain. Tried to do internet stuff, but the lobby here was all in darkness, no power, ergo no internet. So what could we do?


Play still more scrabble, it “saddens” me to say. Actually that was my first word, used all seven letters. I seem to be seven to one now with Frank. I think the tiny letters and board are his undoing.

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