Monday, April 28th, 2014


I know, this doesn’t look good. It isn’t. I broke my left foot between the toes and ankle after going over on that foot when I met up with a part of a broken sidewalk. Toronto can be dangerous, you know. Can’t put weight on the cast and so far terribly klutzy on the crutches..sort of like a fear of being out of control. Meanwhile Frank convinced me to join his dinner meeting at the Ritz Carleton…and because I was at the end of the table in order to have my foot elevated, I managed to get a really good look at former prime minister Brian Mulroney, beautiful wife Mila and handsome son, who were all eating there too. So…good broken foot karma happening there. Sadly this also means we’re returning to N.S. for the foot follow up, and not going on to L.A.. Laughed when someone suggested that I’d have a lot of time to read! I want time to garden. I think I read plenty enough in Portugal. I wanted time to cuddle American grandchildren. But then there was the Brian karma, so other good things might happen too. And as always, it could have been so much worse. A face plant rather than a foot plant, for instance.

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