Sunday, September 14th, 2014

IMG_9869Frank and I thought we saw a seal basking in the sun on a rock..we used my zoom lens to get a “closer” look…and saw that it was a female seagull. Now, that’s sort of sad. Without the camera, we had our own narrative for what we were looking at, and it was the better one.

IMG_9875We also saw these chairs by the water. We know who owns them, but have never seen anyone sitting on them. Still, it creates a sweet picture in your mind when you imagine them in use. The view would be lessened if these chairs floated away for good..(they once did, during a storm, along with the wooden platform that they are on, but were eventually rescued.)

IMG_9867Now, we saw this on our walk today too. The trees are a reminder of Hurricane Juan damage, 11 years ago now.  The forest will “reclaim” them, and new growth is certainly growing around the dead trees, but my imagination is too weak to find the beauty in this scene, although the grey straight trunks look mysterious, and I was drawn to look at them, so perhaps that is enough.

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