Saturday, September 20th, 2014


What a different scene today! The opposite of New York City …on our drive to Laura’s in Pennsylvania ..


Just because I love this photo..


Laura is an amazing cook, and Frank of course has to be right in there!


Potter has a unique bone to chew on. Moose shed their antlers and theses are found and sold. This should last him a few years.

Friday, September 19th, 2014


Hanging out at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in Manhattan ..Frank fit right in.


A slice of our view from a second floor cafe. Love the “old”in N.Y. City, and then it’s contrast with the “new”, and am always struck in both towns and cities in the States, with the prolific display of the American flag.


In a dedicated Lego store. Frank yearned to own such a store about 30 years ago..he was ahead of his time.


Then, what were we thinking? we went for a double decker bus tour in rush hour. Oh, I know! It’s always rush hour here.

Thursday, September 18th, 2014


In New York City, walking The High Line, a wonderful walk high above the ground on an old elevated railway line. This was one of the views..


..but here was the best one.. Spending the day with Frank’s sister sister too! Karin was 9 when I met her! and her loving husband Paul (they were anniversary-ing in the Big Apple). This was a huge treat for all of us as we live at opposite ends of Canada.


We had to see the lovely memorial for John Lennon in Central Park. It was one thing I could take our foursome to. Karin and Paul had “done” NY over the last few days!


Frank lining up for half price theatre tickets at Times Square. We saw “You Can’t Take It With You” with James Earl Jones and the wonderful Annaleigh Ashford who plays “Betty” in “Masters of Sex” (for those who watch that series about Masters and Johnson.) Lots of laughs.


Then time to take the train back to New Jersey..whew!

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014


Entering Boston ..this bridge was “cool”. What word does this generation use..I need to know.


Boston didn’t fail to impress us..beautiful city.


We went the Boston Common, where there were swans, a heron sitting on a tree branch ( look really hard), ducks, and squirrels the size they have in Ontario!


We went in a Swan paddle boat ( one man paddled it, about 15 passengers)..really so peaceful after the hustle of the city. Then we drove a whole lot more to arrive in New Jersey by nightfall. Tomorrow New York City! Boston was a just a wee prelude.

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014


On the road again. Thank goodness Drea and Jockel are about at the house…otherwise the poor place would feel slighted. We drove 9 hours today, extra one for breaks.. On our way to New York City, but first a look around Freeport tonight.

Monday, September 15th, 2014

IMG_9879Frank is creating a dangerous precedent by letting Noah enjoy the IPhone..he loves to watch it, move his head to the music, be transfixed. Seems all the males are…

IMG_9886While walking Noah, Frank decided the way to ensure that he didn’t fall asleep when he wasn’t supposed to, was to let Noah “rock” to some sweet music. Noah already looks as if he wants to be in control of this gadget. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know Noah’s other set of grandparents over these last few weeks. Germany is far away, but the world is smaller with Skype. I’m sure Noah will want to push at the computer keys next time he’s “talking” to his grandparents over the Net.

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

IMG_9869Frank and I thought we saw a seal basking in the sun on a rock..we used my zoom lens to get a “closer” look…and saw that it was a female seagull. Now, that’s sort of sad. Without the camera, we had our own narrative for what we were looking at, and it was the better one.

IMG_9875We also saw these chairs by the water. We know who owns them, but have never seen anyone sitting on them. Still, it creates a sweet picture in your mind when you imagine them in use. The view would be lessened if these chairs floated away for good..(they once did, during a storm, along with the wooden platform that they are on, but were eventually rescued.)

IMG_9867Now, we saw this on our walk today too. The trees are a reminder of Hurricane Juan damage, 11 years ago now. ┬áThe forest will “reclaim” them, and new growth is certainly growing around the dead trees, but my imagination is too weak to find the beauty in this scene, although the grey straight trunks look mysterious, and I was drawn to look at them, so perhaps that is enough.

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

IMG_9858Out for a very short trail walk on a lovely late summer day..

IMG_9857..with Brenda. Brenda commented on the shimmering grasses, as they caught the sunlight. I really appreciate walking with someone who as well as carrying on a conversation with me, is still taking in the scenery. Sometimes walking with someone can distract you from the beauty around you, but when that person will also “stop and smell the roses”, it isn’t a problem.

Friday, September 12th, 2014

IMG_9837Noah only wants to be walked now, or walk on his own…the next phase, and then there’s no looking back..

IMG_9841He was walking with me, dragging a broom with him…so cute!

IMG_9844Then walking without holding a hand…still with the broom..

oh…there was a next photo, of Noah falling backwards, but it seemed too sad to put in. It’s the way it will be for awhile now. He’ll have a lot of falls. Reminds you of how “tough” life is…you have to take your falls to proceed on course. Noah can’t hold someone’s hand forever, and more over, doesn’t want to. The first real independence is starting.

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

IMG_9811I brought this geranium inside, just for the pure pleasure of enjoying it more. I had put it outside, away from it’s usual indoor home, at the beginning of summer. It went out without a bud on it, and lost most of its leaves to the brighter light of the outdoors. It looked pathetic. Now, a few months later, look at it! amazing. All these blooms will die off and there will be some more after them, then a dormant period, but now that I know what this little beauty can produce, I’m onto her. It’s outside every year from now on.

IMG_9812Couldn’t resist another angle on this…”for your viewing pleasure”..