Saturday, October 25th, 2014


In Halifax, enjoying the beautiful “Public Gardens”. Wonderful to have such a spot in the heart of the city to get this feel of nature around you.


Hanging out under the bows of a Weeping Beech (I think)…I could hang out there for hours, just waiting for the leaves to change colour in front of me.


The Dahlia’s were in full majestic bloom, all different varieties. This is a plant worth making the effort to dig up its tubers each fall, to winter over indoors and replant in the spring, to then have the enjoyment of them over so many months, right into the fall, then repeat.  The trick is to take in those tubers before the frost, but who would want to do that when these blooms are still above ground, looking so healthy and happy? I know I played this wrong one season, and now I need to visit Dahlia’s elsewhere, all my Dahlia tubers frozen in the ground one year, and I realizing I wasn’t up to the task.


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