Monday, November 10th, 2014


I did a “trunk show” for my quilting guild tonight…as in, I showed about 20 of my quilts, and two quilt related paintings..Here I’m explaining that this is one of my favourite quilts, all satins and velvets, which I made for Drea years back, out of exclusively “Frenchy’s” clothing (used clothing)..from infants p.j.s,  girls’ sweaters, women’s blouses, right up to women’s lingerie..It has a scrumptious velvet backing too.


First there were lap quilts, then bed quilts, then art quilts, then paintings..   I was so nervous to begin with, then really got into it. Being displayed is an art quilt of an aerial view of fields in Holland…Doing this helped me realize that I have a particular “style” and particular use of fabrics, such as velvets and corduroys.  Sometimes you have to see the “whole” to understand the parts…


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