Tuesday, December 9th, 2014


so..remember the photo of yarn from months back? I finally started working on it. Tish will laugh at this photo as it was bigger than this when I left Burbank! but there were two stitches which just somehow went missing, Tish…which wrecked the pattern on one side (thanks to Melissa’s eagle eyes for spotting that) so now I’m backtracking. I think this knitting thing, between having no pattern, being anxious about undertaking anything with this silk yarn,  self doubt, then getting a pattern, thanks to Laura, starting it, then deciding I prefer a different pattern, one with more challenge (who knew?) and working on that…(all this since early August)…and all the tearing out and knitting the same rows over and over…well, I think it all has to be a metaphor for something. Fear, overcoming it, challenges, persevering, gaining confidence, set backs, seeing the whole picture, delayed gratitude, (it takes time to knit!!) enjoying the process…I could go on and on. Wow..knitting could be a metaphor for everyone whether or not they even knit! once again, who knew?

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