Sunday, December 14th, 2014


A really wet day for an indoor/outdoor party, but Dee Dee and Jer know how to pull this off. Judy braved the rain to be on long term duty at the marshmallow station. S’Mores were an option too..chilli in the greenhouse, along with hot cider, and a chance to take a breath before going back inside the house….Once there, over the top decadence in the food department, and absolutely packed at all times, with toddlers and up running about between the standing adults. It felt like a rave but instead of dancing and drugs, it was mulled wine and the world’s best food! Not that I’ve gone to a rave, but just saying…I felt the love that the hosts have for their community..



The chicken coop looked like a Christmas card. White rooster, black eggs. I’m quite fascinated by chicken coops since seeing Tish and Wes’s…this one had its own Christmas lights. There’s something special about all the properties that we’ve been to along this east coast. The rustic-ness, the country charm, the views, the unexpected layouts, the warmth. This one was all of that, and then the chickens!

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