Sunday, December 28th, 2014


You can’t appreciate this if you didn’t see the “before” version, but..


..this large room in the basement was unusable except by Will, who continued to make art in a chaotic space shared with storage, boxes..whatever didn’t have a specific place to belong in.


After 9 hours of intense work..organizational skills and decorating skills in full use, and delegating to “Good Will” negogiatons undertaken. .the three adults were thrilled. Will can get back to making art tomorrow, the boys can play when they won’t disturb him, Jen or I can sneak down to stretch out on the bed, instruments can be played. Tomorrow another day, another room. Getting organized to create space and effeciency before a new arrival arrives. Forest asked me why I love organizing so much..don’t know, always have, probably one of my best skill sets.

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