Wednesday, February 18th, 2015


Once you know a baby can smile, that becomes your get that smile out of them. Here Asa and I are using a hand each to coax Miss Astrid into beaming one at us. She’s just teasing us here.


This is where Asa likes to spend time with my arms. It seemed Forest was always there, and then suddenly he outgrew that. Now I think it’s a precious time as I know it will stop. Even today Asa didn’t get much of this cuddling and carrying, as I was holding Astrid most of the time.


Jen, the boys, the family, are all becoming so comfortable with, and so used to, the “new addition”, who in less than two months feels as though she’s always been there, and is changing so fast. Babies feel almost from day one as though they’ve always been in your life. Special times, especially as seen from the perspective of a “senior”…


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