Friday, May 22nd, 2015


Outfitting the camper van — floor matts, bug spray, new shower curtain (for decorative purposes …the original was passable but made a horrid crinkly sound), hiking boots and so on — takes a lot of driving about. I took this shot of the birch trees, in the rain, from the car….as they always remind me of Ontario, perhaps only because they don’t grow in our particular area.  Love the abstract nature of the photo.


Travelling back near home, still raining, misty, calm after all the running about..


…closer still, looking like fall colours rather than the chartreuse of the city trees…but that makes it more interesting when we travel that short distance to the city and get such a different vibe, from colour to energy. Actually, when you travel in any direction for about an hour, the scenery is different. This small province has a lot of variety, within easy reach. Now if its weather was better….but then nothing is perfect.




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