Saturday, May 23rd, 2015


We went to visit Marilyn and Lou, who had camping advice for us, as well as great homemade cinnamon buns, but upon leaving, the camper’s parking brake was seized.  Frank called a mechanic, who gave him some tips to try..


Step one was rocking the van back and forth, gently using the gas pedal. Step two was to tug hard on the emergency brake cables. Step three, seen here, was banging on the back wheels to loosen the cable. After repeating these steps a number of times, step two worked…sort of. We were able at any rate to “limp” home.


Lou, with the hammer, Marilyn and Frank, who is holding tire blocks that Lou whipped up while Frank worked on the van. These blocks kept the van from going backwards onto the road, and they also came home with us, to travel to Alaska.  So we had a lovely visit, learned a lot, received lots of things for the van, and had our first camper van adventure! Thank you Marilyn and Lou for all the help.



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