Wednesday, July 15 th, 2015

We took a “Tender” ( which is also a lifeboat) over to Hoonah, which doesn’t have a pier to accept cruise ships, but we enjoyed this ride that made the sea feel as rough as it really is.

I’m pointing to our stateroom, which I continue to love.

Tree-hugging in the rain forest, about as brave as we got. Others took the world’s longest Zipline which at $156 American for a minute long thrill, was our excuse for not doing it, right? Also there were fishing excursions and whale watching, but we do live in N.S….

We watched a Tlinglit Native performance, that then called for audience participation…unfortunately when Frank had to dance around the room, my camera couldn’t catch the action shots. I think he may have a future career on stage… We were both assigned a card with our “family name”. Frank was from the eagle family..very fitting, sharp as he is, and I was from the raven family, which also works as I love shiny things and collecting things for our nest..

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