Thursday, July 16th, 2015

In Juneau, the capital of Alaska, though you can only fly, boat or dog sled into it.

I liked this notice from the dogs of Juneau..

…and all the action of the city depicted in this photo as I was admiring the plants!


No words needed..

  Back on board in the afternoon, our captain once again awed us and frightened us! with his skill of manoeuvering this ship through the winding Tracy Arm Fiord often doing 90 degree turns, to get us almost on top of..

  ..the Sawyer Glacier. These passengers have actually turned to ice. The rain felt like sleet, the wind like needles, but the sight was a marvel.

  Hard to smile when your’re shaking! A lovely German couple took this of us, and we did one of them. The wife, 62 years old, had dreamed of seeing Alaska since she was 23! Our huge North American continent lures travelers from around the world…the space is what they are amazed at. Always interesting to strike up these conversations with strangers, here on the cruise or at campsites previously. You learn things, and that’s always good.

Small icebergs floated about the area. The colour…well, you couldn’t stop looking, cold as you were. See the boat by the shore? An amazing trip for them but we felt safer in the ship if we butted one of these bergs while doing our “spin abouts” one of them a 180 degree turn at the end in a space seemingly no wider than the ship! … The colour of the water, the rock formations, the drama…awwww.


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