Saturday, July 18th, 2015

Well, the weather switched to warm, which was quite lovely as we explored Ketchikan, a city that was once a gold prospecting town, with a large Red Light area along Creek Street, which was built over the top of Ketchikan Creek.

..and now houses lovely artisan shoppes. The town has a lot of history…

And plenty of Totem Poles..

Being considered to be of the Raven Clan, this was my favourite.


 We took an eagle watching boat tour…there I am trying to adjust my binoculars..and there is our very entertaining captain. To his left his dog is curled up in a bed beside the instrument panel, and to his right is a bugle with which he “called” whales but that didn’t materialize for us.

  ..but the Eagles did! I know we can see them at home too, but it was a good way to spend time off the ship without looking at stores, and who would eat on shore when it’s free on board? So a good time.

  .and even past the Totem Heritage Centre, behind us in this photo. I read Emily Carr’s book “Klee Wyck” before leaving N.S.. She wrote about getting boated out to islands , about 1941, which had been abandoned but the Totems left behind as a permanent reminder of the past. It is from these journeys that Emily Carr created her paintings. Read it if you get the chance and you’ll have a better understanding of the history of the coast of British Columbia on up into the Alaskan coast.

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