Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

We had hours today before we needed to catch a Red-Eye near midnight…so…we spent eight hours (!!) walking Vancouver. We set out on an “art walk” to galleries, which was great, but this art spotted as we walked over the Granville Bridge that crosses False Creek, was the coolest. You could see fine gravel or sand pouring into one of the “heads”. 

This was another piece of unexpected “art” we came across, walking the same bridge. On the other side of the bridge we had seen Granville Island below us…this side was trying to make up for not being as interesting. Both of us thought…”look, an eagle!!!” … And the next second realized this eagle kite was tethered to an almost invisible string (see it to the left of him) and he moved about with the wind. Loved it. He soared and dipped and flew up again. We may need this in our ‘hood.

A walk along the Waterfront towards Stanley Park, set us in the Bahamas, or so it seemed. There is bike path running along beside the walking path, and oh so much action to observe…

…from the shade of a bar, windows wide open..Happy Hour Time happening… here I’m enjoying a Bellini cocktail for $4. When Frank wanted a dessert for $8 I said we could have two more drinks for that price! We didn’t ….we hoofed on back to our hotel at the Vancouver YWCA Hotel, where they had kindly kept our bags after check-out, and headed to the airport to REST before our flight. So, with this drink in my hand, I bid you readers a good summer, as I take time off from this blog ..indefinitely. Thanks for sharing this long trip with me….remember that you only have “today” (from someone who has watched herself age over the years of this blog, and is happy to “be” here).

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