Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015


well, couldn’t resist this post. We arrived. sleepless. at the airport, where Val kindly met us and delivered us home, to the surprise of Drea and Noah being there. A lovely surprise. Then there was the surprise that neither of our cars would work. My car had one seized brake, and Frank’s had that and needed the battery charged. So, Val was employed, as well as Drea’s car, and Noah got in on the action, and Frank’s car was able to get a boost and eventually the brake was worked free. My car is crankier…she’ll need some expert care tomorrow. What a hoot though to get away from car mechanics with that lovely cruise, then come smack back into that world. We should have had someone spinning our tires now and then, while we were spinning our wheels elsewhere.  We’ll remember for next year…




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