Monday, November 16th, 2015


On Sunday, things seemed calm. Noah was enjoying the company of his male cousins (Astrid was elsewhere engaged) and the attention of his aunt and uncle. We were six adults and four children at lunchtime, and loved the noise and fun and “familyness” of it all.


This is tonight. Forest is helping Jen pack for the family of five to start their trek to N.Z. tomorrow. Some favourite toys and “‘homey” items will make the adjustment go a little smoother.  Tomorrow night we’ll have the “master bedroom” in the rental back, and we’ll relax after all these hectic weeks, but we’ll find it all so sober and serious and silent. This “all or nothing” approach isn’t our preference. We would have preferred the family to stay in Wolfville, but understand the journey, for more education, and now that it’s about to happen, we’re rather excited for all of them!!  But… when Drea, Jockel and Noah visit, there won’t be the cousins for Noah, nor the aunt and uncle. Our family out here will be smaller. Then there is the other “but”…”change is the only certainty”. Safe travels on the journey called life.

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