Monday, January 25th, 2016


This is Noah, as we saw him yesterday…with full on energy, running down the apartment hallway..

IMG_0556 flop onto this green pillow. The photo makes me think of a painting.

We loved having some time with this growing and changing little guy. As grandparents, I think we see the  turn around from birth to leaving home, at an accelerated pace. We know that parents need to grab the time now with their children while they are young, at home, but when we were in the midst of it ourselves, it never seemed to go so fast….especially as we were waiting eagerly for the hour when the children would be go to sleep and we could have some “free time”.  Now we wear our rose coloured glasses and it all looks wonderful, special, rosy.

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016


Now if only I had been walking with someone today…a perfect resting spot for a twosome. Loved it, nevertheless.

Monday, January 18th, 2016


Walking the dikes today…solo…but I’m getting to like it.  It’s the camera that’s my companion.

Sunday, January 17th, 2016



I took myself on a long walk today…I like to aim for close to sunset, as I do miss seeing that wonderful spectacle. I also miss Daisy, as I’ll never get used to solo walks. Frank was busy resting his knees, (still recovering from the move, or he actually preferred his book), and I was busy thinking that I could leverage this for a new pitch for a dog! But now is definitely not the right time, and when I do the math, if a new dog would live for 12 years…I have to go…YIKES!…then again, dogs help you live longer, and I don’t want to be doing self “agism”…Best solution: I could borrow someone else’s dog for a walk. Alternative solution:  I could stay home and read.

Friday, January 15th, 2016



I joined the Evangeline Artist Co-0p in Wolfville, and they were immediately having an art show at Jack’s Gallery. On the upper right in the advert is my painting..

photo 1’s a photo of it on the wall of the Gallery. It’s fun to belong to a small town, as you can be “seen” so easily.

photo 2

Tonight was also the opening of Acadia University’s Community Art show…on the top right, the yellow sky, is mine.  I had these pieces last in the Surf Show on the Eastern Shore…now they are in Wolfville… “moving” art. These were what wasn’t packed in the Pods!! and I’m glad of that. I have yet to replace paints, brushes etc. to do work at the rental…but a few more months, only. It seems close now, and meanwhile even if I’m not painting, I’m showing…go figure!!!!


Wednesday, January 13th, 2016






..and Night.

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016


The dry wall is going up, and you can see how, from the living area, the window of the bedroom can be seen. The doorway to the bedroom wasn’t there originally (actually, there are only 11 original studs on this level)…but this new doorway, beyond the hallway, and the new window in the bedroom, allow the south sun to come out towards the living area. Our house faces north, which captures the view, but we strived to capture some south light too…and now that it’s dry walled, I can more clearly see the effect…


and ditto here, in the kitchen (sink on the left, stove, fridge on the right, a galley kitchen)…that you can see into the den through a new entrance, and see the new window beyond, bringing in that sunlight. It may be boring to the reader, but it’s really exciting to me, especially, as I go on and on about needing sunlight. Achieved. On a sunny day.

Saturday, January 9th, 2016


You can speed past the stores here on Main street and miss the lovely scenery found behind them, but if you take your time to look down the side streets, or walk to the dikes, there you’ll find the views. This is one such view, a pastoral one compared to the sometimes wild waves of Lawrencetown Beach, or the fog or the deer or the pheasants, though I was told to put seeds out for the pheasants who walk about the yards of the houses in town! Who knew? Can’t wait for my first sighting!



Wednesday, January 6th, 2016


The house is almost completely insulated now (not the basement, that’s Frank’s job for later, after we move in)…and the ceiling gets done after the wall drywall goes on (I think…it’s all a little over my head..)…but now the drywall can start! this is real progress. You can see where one of the many pot lights is outlined on the ceiling. A lot to do, an awful lot done. The floor is being protected…it’s all sanded and ready to be oiled when the walls are done..liking it.

December 31st, 2015 and January 3rd, 2016


New Year’s Eve…drinking out 2015…

IMG_2641 (1)

Then on to 2016 . Here are “four generations” walking to the Skating Oval in Halifax.(Noah’s new doll makes four, as Jockel said…made us laugh!)

IMG_0365 watch Drea and Jockel skate. A good “new” day, but then all the days are “new” and we just need to make them “good”.  That should be my New Year’s Resolution. Oh, but I shouldn’t say “should”, and “resolution” is a difficult word too. I’ll just enjoy having had a good day.