Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

IMG_1099 (1)

Easter weekend…the last one in the rental. Drea, Jockel, Noah, painted Easter rocks! What a great idea. Over the years there will be a vast collection, somewhere, of beautifully painted rocks. They won’t break, they don’t need careful storage. Lovely to enjoy the last blast at this place that has been good to us, good for us, so near to the new home, so accommodating for guests, such a great view, lovely furnishings.


And so it begins. We get the first POD delivery tomorrow, but we have things to move out of the rental. I began the packing. First things first…these faithful cheery friends were the first to leave.



They are now in a temporary huddle, in the studio, by the baseboards for downstairs. The south sun stunned them for awhile. Moving is difficult for all living things.

One response to “Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

  1. Shirley McIntyre

    Will watch you for tips when my time comes, hopefully this summer


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