Tuesday, April 12th, 2016


We’re in! We’re exhausted, but that comes with the territory when you unload two PODs of furniture and stuff, things, you wish you didn’t have to deal with, even after purging such stuff at the other end. Amazing how our furniture, with some new bits, worked out so well. We feel the place has exceeded our expectations on how it would feel to actually live in it!


It all works…now off to put our feet up…before we look at that basement full of boxes again. OH, we couldn’t have done this without the help of Val and Marianne and Acadia U. students. It was so appreciated, and essential… Now the job is to finish it up..but that is easier from within the space. All good.

7 responses to “Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

  1. Marianne Weidmann

    Barb and Frank – out of a magazine – I knew you would get a new picture perfect place! Love it!

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  2. Joan Myles

    Looks like you two are sitting on the set of a design magazine photo shoot. Beautiful; congratulations! Put your feet up and enjoy.

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  3. Lis Baston

    Love the look, especially the new dining set with the green chairs, and the corner fire place. Can’t wait to visit. Enjoy the new home.

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  4. Congratulations you two. It looks awesome. Job well done as always.

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  5. Alex Stenning

    Barb, This may seem a blast from the past but you haven’t changed nor obviously by these photographs, your artistic flair!!! A long journey from Baby Point?? Why Nova Scotia?
    I live in Cornwall UK and I often think of Baby Point ….xx

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    • where you Alex Edwards? amazing…and yes, a long time ago. I first heard of Nova Scotia from you. We love it here, moved after getting to know it better from an Ontario friend who moved here. Lovely for you though to live in beautiful Cornwall. I haven’t been there but that’s the word I hear…
      I liked hearing that I had an artistic flair way back then…I didn’t realize that. Hope life is good….


  6. Alex Stenning

    Life is so strange…just about to ‘retire’ from teaching as Head of History at a local high school and thinking of returning to Canada. I remember Wolfville, home of Acadia University!! I’m thinking of heading to the west coast, as my son lives there. Another son lives in Berlin and works in San Francisco. Daughter in Guelph. What is the attraction of Wolville? Where are your brothers now? As I remember you had two?
    I’m divorced so the move will be very,very scary!! Do you have an email address??


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