Saturday, Sunday, April 16th, 17th, 2016



Celebrating Frank’s birthday. The “test” family proved that the house “flows” well…enjoyed having them here as the guinea pigs.  They’re so cute.


Two men in the kitchen…it works for me.


Two men screwing in a light bulb…well, they also hung a quilt. not an easy spot to work in. It did take two.


Meanwhile Drea and Noah amused themselves outside.


Jockel worked hard outside too. We all did. It will take a lot of effort to “tame” this property, but the process is fun.


Resting up..the first day to sit outside, always anticipated as we get through winter.


By the end of the weekend, all the cooking, yard work, game playing…this room was very inviting. Glad we passed the “test” too, which is that the cute family enjoyed spending time with us here, despite the no surfing, no big beach walks. All is good.

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