Wednesday, April 27th, 2016


Busy days. After taking off the old wallpaper and plastering the huge living, dining and kitchen space, the time came for the primer coat.


The kids, Jen and I, with the occasional invasion of piggies, hung out in the “shed”…literally. The room was superficially converted into space for us  and will eventually become two bedrooms attached to the main house. We were grateful to escape the dust that Will and Frank were creating.


Every part of the job took effort. The new lights looked worth it…


Meanwhile, outside, the boys are helping me with weeding..a massive job when you live in a controlled jungle.


We managed some art time too..the boys loved my wacky bird drawings, created for coulour by number . They have learned so much since we last saw them. The home schooling is showing wonderful results. It was hard to sit on the deck today, though  as the farmer who had his cows above us, removed some for sale, and a mama cow mooed pitifully all day. Sentient beings.


2 responses to “Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

  1. Joan Myles

    Barb: so impressed that you and Frank finished your home makeover in the Valley and then travel around the world to help your daughter and young family with theirs. Amazing! Your pictures and words are a salve as I sit in the second blizzard in a week in St. John’s. Supposed to be flying to Halifax today; that’s a big we’ll see. In the meantime, Nicole and Alexis, visiting here this week, are snuggled by the warm fire breast feeding😊❤️😘


  2. Melissa

    Wonderful pix, Barb! Love those pigs! Please send me an email, as I have lost my entire contacts list, in the process of changing over to a laptop! love to all, Melissa


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