Thursday, April 28 th, 2016

imageThe piggies follow Jen everywhere as she had bottle fed them since they were five days old. This scene happened after we all walked up to check on the other animals. So cute.


Asa found the letter “Y” yesterday, and today I broke off the bottom of another stick, so he had the letter “V”.. For which Asa immediately said “violin” and we said ” visit” and “vacation”. Here he is sitting on my lap, showing off his letter and his new chicken feathers.




Astrid collects an egg..then adds a rock.which she throws, and retrieves and throws again many times..


..and walks back to the house still holding it…




One response to “Thursday, April 28 th, 2016

  1. Lis

    Such sweet pictures. What a wonderful lifestyle for the family.


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