Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016


Jen and children preparing dinner… sitting on the counter..such a childhood memory it evokes for me.


Rain threatened all day, but I was still able to weed, Jen still went  out a few times for the animals, the  boys still played outside collecting natural objects  for a craft, and..



Frank worked on part of the deck, prepping the kitchen cupboards to be painted white. Too bad weeds grow back, compared to renos. When Will returns each evening from school,..


he too often works on the house. Buying a one bedroom home that wasn’t designed for a young family, and slowly working to convert it to a three bedroom home..needs a starting point. Jen had pealed off wallpaper, then we arrived. Then we will leave, and will be so curious to see the house next year. Shades of what we just went through with our reno. Genetic? On all sides?

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