Wednesday,May 4th, 2016


Frank babysat for a few hours while Will was at school and Jen and I went into town. While we were gone, he made applesauce with the boys, to use in cookies he was making with them, then formed Popsicle sticks out of wood and made applesauce Popsicles out of the leftover applesauce. He also made three dimensional cubes and pyramids with them,  made lunch and entertained Astrid when she woke from her nap. We decided that Frank could be a Grandpa Woofer…given room and board in exchange for entertaining children.


Jen and I had a blast in town…loved to get alone with each other. Afterwards I weeded till dusk…with some help from Frank and some consulation from Forest. This was the house inviting me in for dinner.

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