Sunday, May 22nd, 2016


After the least amount of resting up, I got serious about cutting back, pruning, or taking out shrubs on the property. As the wheelbarrow is still hiding in the unpacked yet world of the basement, this snow shovel helped me drag away trimmings to the driveway, where they are still awaiting some gnome to whisk the huge heap away.


Frank meanwhile moved the deck steps, on his own! from where the lattice looks new, to the back…so we don’t face the street. The bamboo will get applied this week. I created and put in the garden..

IMG_2179 we look out our kitchen and into the back… more garden..all hydrangeas that bloom from spring to autumn and are perennials. The plan is for not too much future gardening work .

IMG_2177 (1)

..then on the weekend, helpers arrived, and of all the shrubs we’d cut down, this is the one where we want to plant a new tree. An ancient quince resisted from phase one…


phase 2,


phase 3, and finally,


couldn’t resist phase 4.


meanwhile, Noah worked hard moving some of the earth. So glad that he and his dad love gardening, and Drea loves cooking.  We can use this help often over the next few months as we tame our property.


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