Thursday, June 9th, 2016


this is what we’ve been doing…working on creating more gardens…with major help from Marianne W. who loves to play, create, design and make it happen. I wanted it to happen, had the idea too, but Frank had his own projects going on, and on my own, I just didn’t have the physical where with all…neither did Marianne! but together we did…the power of two..women! that is. Must admit that when Frank saw the garden taking shape, he helped out too.  Perhaps you can see the Rhododendron starting to’s at the end of the garden, behind a wispy new chartreuse Japanese Maple.


a close up…


We tweaked other things, bought 4 bushes/trees, created a bigger garden in the back…but the existing trees back there thrill us the most at the moment. The scent from this giant Chestnut was wonderful as we worked away at removing sod, weeding soil, planting.


..and this Maple tree that dwarfs the shed..


..this huge Red Maple makes me smile…there is Lilac bush behind it, the size of a small tree but dwarfed too..


..and two huge Maples in the front. Now, if we hadn’t lived on the Eastern coast for a dozen years, with Spruce trees and fog, which have a beauty and majesty too…we wouldn’t be so excited over our Deciduous forest! But here we are, senior citizens, excited about old trees.


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