August 16th to Wednesday, September 7th, 2016


In the last few weeks, we’ve been very busy with family.  One of  my late “bestest” friend Judy’s sweet daughters and her sunny, funny, son came to visit. So happy to have had them, and  these two are definitely family!


Lis, Marianne and I  had our annual “Judy MacLean Paint by the Sea”…and our toast to Judy..always missed.


I spent a week in PEI with my four sisters-in-law. I love being part of this “pack”!  It’s not easy getting us altogether, from our far away homes, but the effort is worth it. We sometimes misbehaved (we’re 5 women together for a week, after all ) but the Police went easy on us.


In Charlottetown, we found a blackboard that really made you think. I wrote down my wish to visit China to see the rice paddies and floral fields that look like amazing quilts. Seems I may have some company!


I  loved meeting our new grandniece in PEI.  There is nothing like seeing a young woman, daughter, niece, friend, become a mother…the love that happens, always so beautiful.


Lis and I drove back from PEI along the Glooscap Trail of N.S., which starts in Maitland, and ends in Brooklyn, and took a break to walk the seafloor at Burnt Coat, along that coast. It was thrilling to come across a sit-down meal being served out there…a fund raiser put on by “The Flying Apron” restaurant in Summerville, which we then also stopped at.  This meal at low tide is now on my wish list for next summer. Want to join me?


Almost back to Wolfville, taking Highway 1. What a wonderful trip at dusk.


Ryan and Tori came to visit for many days…had a great time on each one. We went to six wineries and a Cider House…a whole lot of “tasting”…not to be confused with drinking, and not all on one day.


We also did rock finding at our secret beach, as well as going to Blue Beach to collect fossils. Always with an eye on the tide. Still in awe of that.


Drea, Jockel and Noah were more interested in finding water for Noah’s pails…


Version 2

Good times. And now all the visiting is over, the “real life” starts again. Wait…we’re retired! Still…there are things to be done, and busyness will continue…but having a summer of visitors, and such a lovely warm summer too, was wonderful. (even Kaia had been one of our “visitors”).





One response to “August 16th to Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

  1. Lis Baston

    Wonderful summer, lovely family and friends time.


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