Thursday, September 8th, 2016


Well, getting back to our routines. I started a quilt, and had to laugh when I looked at the photo I took of it. I had been working in a different area of the studio, and just laid the quilt on “Noah’s” bed to get the photo. Only then did I realize it looked like my painting on the wall ( a Gee’s Bend quilt take off ) and my quilt on the couch! Clearly I am a one horse artist …stuck on one colour scheme…the entire first floor has this colour scheme too. Oh well, I obviously love it, so I’ll just carry on.


Meanwhile, Frank too is back to his usual pursuits. Here he is fixing our leaking water rower, using computer instructions for DIYers (do it yourself) folks like him. Always grateful for the money  we save because of gutsy Frank! as really, that is what it takes before the skills can be developed. The more he dares to do, the more he can do.

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