Friday, September 16th, to Thursday, September 22nd, 2016


In Port Medway, lovely as always..


Until we woke in the middle of the night to a strange sound…the well had run dry! This summer of sooo little rain has hurt those with dug wells. Hopefully, this summer’s weather will prove an anomaly…otherwise, the business to be in is the installation of drilled wells.



Frank went back home (to water), and I went on to White Point Beach Resort, with my knitting pals, for a Knitting Retreat. This group has definitely been a real treat to be part of!  I loved this retreat and its location…waking up to the sound of waves, the huge sky, the plovers, the rocks, the sand. And the women…knitters knit while talking, walking, eating. Very accomplished individuals.


Even the seaweed seemed to be in on the act. Knit two, purl one.


A bit overcast in the mornings..


A little side trip to Summerville Beach for a picnic.  The weather looked worse but it was all a bluff. We did get rain at night, but the days were wonderful.


Camouflaged Plovers. I counted seven.


And then there were sunsets..


..and sun rises.


Time to leave beautiful White Point, but first a visit to the lovely Carters Beach, and then to this secret beach (oh all right . . . Cherry Hill Beach) along the south shore. Mel and Kel in wet suits, body boarding. I wanted to be in the water too!  The constant laughter was reason enough to think I see a wet suit in my future. Thanks.


…then even these two had to admit it was time to return to our other lives.


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