Friday, October 7th to Monday October 10th, 2016


We arrived at a cottage rental on Lac Bras d’Or in Cape Breton, with Drea, Jockel and dusk on Friday evening. Started in at perfecting our Euchre skills, knitting, reading, playing, especially as there was no Internet nor Cell connection…a strange encounter these days.

img_3038I woke up early to catch the sunrise..


..and beat Jockel to it…but loved catching him in the sun’s glow.


We drove out to go hiking on both Saturday and Sunday..but often had to stop for the photo ops!


..or a spot of tea in Baddeck..


..or some tree climbing.


..and did some hard going hiking..



There was a small beach at the cottage..where Noah could throw rocks, or contemplate the meaning of Thanksgiving.



The trees are what it’s about in Cape Breton during the Thanksgiving weekend..


and they did their part beautifully. We left the family time, the cottage, to go back to our separate lives…


.with the trees keeping us company during the scary drive back in tremendous rain and wind..  We’ll miss these colours until next year…We’re already thinking of where to celebrate Thanksgiving then.





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