Thursday, November 11th, 2016


This wonderful, gifted woman, in her 90’s, was able to tackle a pattern with silk yarn of mine, that had left me completely frustrated, unable to keep stitches on the needles, with the slipperiness of the yarn and the complication of the pattern. Jean was frustrated by it too, but determined, having been given this challenge and, impressively, up to it! Today she returned it to me, made into a huge scarf, shawl, throw…so many things such a large piece can be. I am so humbled by Jean and so, so appreciative.


See the size of it, the complexity..It is not yet “blocked”…wet, stretched, flattened…so the edges will will grow even larger!

Frank is out…so I’ve resorted to selfies to try to show you just some of the various ways this can be worn. Thank you again, Jean.


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