Wednesday, December 7th, 2016


I love how this blurry photo of apples clinging to a leafless apple tree, looks like Batik fabric, stain glass, Christmas decorations, and rather psychedelic …like those posters you stare at and get dizzy, or the ones where when you stare long enough, another image emerges. If bent car wipers appear to you, I’m with you.

Sunday, December 4th, 2016


Drea wearing her birthday cowl which took me about 5 months to make, only because I’m still a beginner, or I procrastinate, or I’m busy.  Do you want to hear more excuses, or the main reason?….for every new pattern in this cowl there was a lot of ripping out, starting again. Forward two steps, back one, but..I can’t believe I’ve become a knitter! that I love it! I understand that knitting and making jam is good for your brain. I haven’t made any jam, (perhaps for next year’s gifts). The gifting of knitting is a little hard, in case the pattern doesn’t find appeal…like gifting art work, or even earrings. Tricky business. Glad Drea likes her gift!


…and over the weekend, Noah and I did the outside Christmas lights, and today Noah had his parents help him with decorating the tree. I think this is about my first year not doing this job mostly on my own…must say…it’s fun to watch the magic happen.


Saturday, December 3rd, 2016


Celebrating Drea’s and my birthdays of this past week. I am now nearly exactly twice Drea’s age, and that fact makes both of us think…past, future, and around again to the present…to the present in the present.