Sunday, December 4th, 2016


Drea wearing her birthday cowl which took me about 5 months to make, only because I’m still a beginner, or I procrastinate, or I’m busy.  Do you want to hear more excuses, or the main reason?….for every new pattern in this cowl there was a lot of ripping out, starting again. Forward two steps, back one, but..I can’t believe I’ve become a knitter! that I love it! I understand that knitting and making jam is good for your brain. I haven’t made any jam, (perhaps for next year’s gifts). The gifting of knitting is a little hard, in case the pattern doesn’t find appeal…like gifting art work, or even earrings. Tricky business. Glad Drea likes her gift!


…and over the weekend, Noah and I did the outside Christmas lights, and today Noah had his parents help him with decorating the tree. I think this is about my first year not doing this job mostly on my own…must say…it’s fun to watch the magic happen.


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