Thursday, January 5th, 2017


We visited the Burbank float that had been in The Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena. Frank can submit a design concept for next year’s Burbank float, as it is a Volunteer designed and created float…even though he isn’t an American. Naturally, he’s going to give it a shot. He has the theme for next year and the paper work to submit.  Fun.


We were able to become “flower children” …we could pick extra flowers of our choice out of buckets to create this great bouquet to take home.  (Then Frank got creative with the photography. )


Went bowling..always a good time and a  winter tradition on our visits…and then…had to bid the family goodbye ..and hope the latest one downed by that nasty stomach flu recovers ASAP!  And really really hope that it will never catch up to me! Especially during the plane travel..ugh..horrid thought! Despite that silly bug, we loved being altogether. It’s quite a feat that we’ve managed on both sides to keep this up for 22 years!

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