Wednesday, February 8th, 2


Frank is turning into a Mole! He spends most of his days in the basement, working on making it a place we can actually use. Eventually it will have food storage, book shelves, a bedroom, bathroom, exercise area, rec room area, workroom, other storage…a big undertaking.


Here you can see that it’s a “sort as you go” kind of job. Frank created the bookcases to the left…then we were able to unpack the boxes of books. Unseen is the food storage area under the stairway, all done and lovely. Now he’s insulating, wiring, etc. and creating more shelving, this time for photo albums…those things that have become so unpopular with the advent of computer photo storage, and which also take so much room! But we’ll love seeing those boxes unpacked next. Can’t wait for the storage area to get created so that we’ll have somewhere to hide all those things that can’t be shelved….actually, I bet a lot of them could be…right out the door to recycling or a rummage sale.

One response to “Wednesday, February 8th, 2

  1. Lis Baston

    Recycling and rummage sales are good. I purged when moving from Eastbourne Ave and I don’t miss the items. At all!


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