Thursday, March 9th, 2017



Frank has moved on to the living room/dining room/kitchen open concept huge room. This is tricky as the furniture can only be moved to so many places. It’s all going to look great. It has about 2 more days ahead on the living room, and then there is a hallway left. Will is working on trim and baseboards.


Meanwhile outdoor play is available…The kids were delighted with these free reflective vests from a local building was getting to be dusk so the vests were starting to do their jobs.


The gardens are showing off too.

It’s always strange to think of being 17 hrs. ahead of ‘back home’…I feel the distance a lot because of that , and being in the opposite season. Here it’s heading into fall, with a wind, a sweater needed, cool mornings and evenings. We are getting into the “groove” of our days and evenings here. (evenings playing CATAN…and Scrabble if I can force anyone to play with me, and struggling with my knitting.)   And then, before you know it, we’ll be headed back, and adjusting anew. Being able to adapt to change is high on the list of  the 4 important aspects of Centenarians…these are: 1.being able to adapt to change    2. being in being able to walk , get around  3. having a passion, be it family or stamps or knitting or reading… 4. belonging to a community.    SO…I expect to live till 100, from where I stand today. Now to go knit.


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